MTV 'Real World' to Set Up Stakes in Sin City - February 12, 2002

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – The desert city that prides itself as the land of glitz, glitter and fantasy is about to get a taste of the “Real World”.

The long-running MTV cable television series, a pioneer in the now-popular “reality genre,” is making its next stop in Sin City, with taping set to begin for its upcoming 12th season on Wednesday, the network said.

The newest “Real World” rendition, and first to visit Las Vegas, will, like its predecessors, feature a group of seven young people thrown together for several months as they go about their daily lives.

But the new “Real World” participants will face a set of daily living conditions unlike those on any past show, as the series plays out in a “house” assembled from a specially converted group of rooms on the 28th floor of the new and trendy Palms resort off the Strip, according to a source familiar with the planning.

Unlike the better known “Survivor” or “Big Brother” reality series on CBS, “Real World” participants don’t vote each other out of the house but simply agree to live together under the watchful eye of cameras focused on them 24 hours a day.

The show has been through a number of cities in its 11 year run, including New York, London, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and most recently back in New York. The show’s current season is set in Chicago.

In true Las Vegas style, the new rendition, which has yet to be announced, will start off in splashy style Wednesday night with a trip to the Palms’ spa, ending with the group hanging out in the hot tub, the source said.


Updated - October 7, 2003