Austin Warehouse Pre-Renovation Rear Warehouse Building

The Rear Warehouse Building of the Austin Warehouse prior to the renovations for the filming of the series. The Rear Warehouse Building is located on the southeast corner of the property and was not renovated for the filming of the series. This picture was taken from the sidewalk on East 3rd Street looking towards the intersection of East 3rd Street and San Jacinto Boulevard.

A "For Lease" sign on the corner of the Rear Warehouse Building. Centro Partners had the lease listing on both the Austin Warehouse and Rear Warehouse Building prior to the filming of the series.

The view of the Austin Warehouse and the Rear Warehouse Building from the corner of East 3rd Street and Trinity Street.

The north side of the Rear Warehouse Building looking towards the Parking Lot.

Photo Credits: - phooshqt

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Updated - January 28, 2005