Diamond Head House Interview

The following is an interview with Kurt, who stayed in the Diamond Head House shortly after the filming of the series ended on May 15, 1999.

When did you stay at the house?
Yes, Iíve been to the house...stayed there in July 1999 for 10 days.

What year was the house built?
The house was built in 1911. Itís in very good condition.

How did Bunim-Murray Productions find the house?
MTV found out about it because Warner Brothers used to rent it as a Christmas retreat for top brass.

Which bedroom did you stay in?
The bedroom my wife and I used was the Cave Bedroom (I think). The attached bathroom is larger than some hotel rooms Iíve stayed in. There is literally room for 4 in the shower (not that we tried it!) This room was the middle sized of all the bedrooms in the house.

Was the House restored to the original condition after the filming of series was complete?
The contract required the House be restored to original after the taping was complete. The only things not restored were the hedges off the back, which is fine - the view is great.

How is the House different from when it appeared on TV?
Gone is the tacky volcano motif, both from the gates and the pool. The gates have wrought iron Birds of Paradise plants now, the original ornamentation. Also gone from the Gym is the ultra tacky thatch. The building, also called the Pool House, is another one bedroom guest home with kitchen and bath. The hedges along the back wall havenít grown back, which give a great view.

During your visit, were there any fans that came by to see the House?
There were constant trespassers; people jumping the fence to swim in the pool, or try and get into the House. People are really stupid! They think that just because a place has been on television, it must be public property.

What did you tell them?
One day I was reading in the backyard and a woman helped her teenage daughter climb the wall. When I asked them to leave, explaining that they were trespassing, they didnít apologize, just asked if this was the House that has been on television. I told them "no", but that a lot of people ask that question. I said that MTV had measured and photographed the building, and then recreated it on a Los Angeles soundstage. I also told her that none of the kids on the show had ever set foot in Hawaii.

Any other details about the house you would like to share?
If you know what youíre looking for, you can see the house from the top of Diamond Head. There is a large public park just to the east of the house.

Photo Credit: MTV/Bunim-Murray Productions

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Updated - September 29, 2006