Diamond Head House Interview

The following is an interview with Sara, who stayed in the Diamond Head House for three weeks in August 2000.

When did you stay at the House?
I stayed there in August of 2000, for three weeks.

Do you remember the name of the rental agency that the House was rented through?
No, but it cost about $25,000 for three weeks.

How is the House different from when it was on TV?
It has been completely repainted and filled with unassuming prints. There is no volcano. The only sign of MTV being there is a picture of the pool with the volcano in the basement where there is a ping pong table.

Was there anything in the house remaining from the filming of the series?
Just that one picture.

Which room did you stay in?
At first, I was in the House where the film crew lived in. The bathroom was as large as the bedroom. I then switched to the cabana house next to the sea wall. It has a wet bar, bathroom, and bedroom.

There is a park on one side of the House, what is on the other?
A couple of houses, and then another park.

Were there gates infront of the driveway?
Yes, the flower gates are still there.

Any other details about the House you would like to share?
The tiles in the pool and hot tub were spectacular, the dolphins, fish, and turtle look very realistic. Between the two Houses, we had over 15 people staying and everyone had beds. The tiki torches are still there as well.

During your visit, were there any fans that came by to check out the house?
Yes, the public sidewalk on the seawall had tourists about every other day. Some tried to climb the wall.

Photo Credit: MTV/Bunim-Murray Productions

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Updated - September 29, 2006