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632 Hudson Street

New York, New York 10014-5100

Hudson Street Loft Information:

The 8,000 square foot, four-story building was built in 1847 by the heirs of Richard Towning and is located in New York's West Village. In 1881, a cast-iron cornice bearing the name of the produce merchant Hugh King was placed across 632 and its twin, 630 Hudson Street. For 40 years, the building housed the Esteve Packing Corporation, a sausage factory specializing in various types of spicy Spanish-style sausage.

The Esteve family purchased the building during World War II with the intentions to begin producing candy. The family switched to sausage in the mid-1950ís. By the 1960ís the canned chorizo was carried all over the world. Maria Esteve closed the sausage business in 1983, but refused to sell the building, hoping to launch another business, possibly a restaurant. It wasnít until her death in March 1993 that the family was able to sell the building.

Karen Lashinsky, an actress and real estate agent along with her mother, Dr. Bertha Lashinsky purchased the building in 1993/1994 for less than $450,000, becoming the fourth owners of the property. Ms. Laskinsky worked with her architect, Alexander Neratoff and her designer, Michael Hord to preserve the history of the building. (Summarized from a New York Times article)

The 5,000 square foot, 3rd and 4th floors including the Penthouse Level and Roof Deck were renovated for the filming of the series. Renovations included the installation of 15 video cameras, 29 monitors, 142 studio lights, dozens of microphones and a mile of cable. During the filming of the series, the Fish Tank Cam provided the first view of the interior design of the Loft. The Hudson Street Loft is located 1.2 miles from the SoHo Loft used in filming of the first season.

The 2,000 square foot ground floor retail space includes a 1,600 SF basement. After the filming of the series was completed in 2001, the Loft was placed on the rental market. The ground floor retail space and the 3rd and 4th floors including the Penthouse Level and Roof Deck are available for events. The 2nd floor is a private residence/office.

In September 2013, the Loft was listed for sale at $22 million.

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Hudson Street Loft Visit, May 2010
Front, Front Door, Retail Space, Street Sign

Post-Filming Pictures
Atrium, Billiard Room, Blue Bedroom, Entryway, Front, Front Door, Gray Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Penthouse Level Loft, Red Bedroom, Roof Deck, 3rd Floor Bathroom, 4th Floor Bathroom

Renovation of the Loft
Atrium, Billiard Room, Blue Bedroom, 3rd Floor Bathroom, Confessional Room, Entryway, Gray Bedroom, 4th Floor Bathroom, Kitchen, Penthouse Level Loft, Phone Room, Living Room, Office, Red Bedroom, 3rd Floor Bathroom, Roof Deck


1st Floor
Lobby, Retail Space

2nd Floor
Control Room

3nd Floor
Bathroom, Blue Bedroom, Confessional Room, Living Room, Office, Phone Room, Red Bedroom

4th Floor
Billiard Room, Kitchen, Gray Bedroom

Penthouse Level
Atrium, Loft, Roof Deck

Floor Plans
Filming, Post-Filming (from

Taping Dates
January 9 - June 2, 2001

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