The Real Truth behind MTV's The Real World - San Diego

Former Blue Crab Restaurant

Point Loma House

Home of The Real World: San Diego

4922 N. Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92106

The 10,328 square foot, two-story former Blue Crab Restaurant is located on Driscoll's Wharf overlooking America's Cup Harbor in Point Loma. The building is extremely secluded at the southern end of Driscoll's Wharf, far from busy North Harbor Drive and surrounded by the US Naval Training Center and America's Cup Harbor. After the Blue Crab Restaurant closed in January 2002, the building was reportedly occupied by a marine supply company.

During the filming of the series, a sand volleyball court was added in the parking lot and a fence was installed around the perimeter of the property with "Restricted Access" signs. A security guard was posted at the main gate of the fence during the entire length of filming. The renovations for the filming of the series were desiged by Katherine Spencer. Chris Burgin served as a Design Intern under Katherine Spencer.

After the filming of the series was complete, the building's interior was repainted white in all rooms except the Washroom. The Washroom and Kitchen were the only remaining removations from the filming of the series. The exterior was later painted grey to match the neighboring buildings on Driscoll's Wharf.

The building is currently leased to SemanticAI, a software firm.

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Former Blue Crab Restaurant Visit, July 2021
East Side, Entrance, Basketball Court, Front Door, Lounge Deck, North Side, Sand Deck, Volleyball Court, West Side

August 2012
East Side, Entrance, Basketball Court, Front Door, Lounge Deck, North Side, Volleyball Court, West Side

July 2004
2nd Floor Hallway, 3rd Floor Stairs, Bathroom, Blue Bedroom, Closets, Confessional Room, Control Room, Entryway, Grass Deck, Green Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Gym, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Living Room, Office, Pink Bedroom, Phone Room, Sand Deck, Surfboard Storage Room, Washroom

August 2003
Across Harbor, North Side, Street

Post-Filming Pictures
Across Harbor, Basketball Court, East Side, Entrance, Gym, Lounge Deck, North Side, Volleyball Court

Blue Crab Restaurant
Exterior, Dining Room, Monument Sign

Across Harbor, Dock, Entrance, Front Door, Lounge Deck, South Side, Spa, Volleyball Court, West Side

1st Floor
Confessional Room, Control Room, Guest Bedroom, Gym, Entryway, Laundry Room, Surfboard Storage Room

2nd Floor
Bathroom, Blue Bedroom, Closets, Grass Deck, Green Bedroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Living Room, Pink Bedroom, Sand Deck, Washroom

3rd Floor Loft
Office, Phone Room, Stairs

Floor Plans
1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor

Filming Dates
August - December 2003

Photo Credit: Lloyd Quinto Main Page

Updated - July 3, 2021