Venice Beach House

Venice Beach House

Home of The Real World: Los Angeles

30 30th Avenue

Venice Beach, CA 90291

The three-story, 4,520 square foot, four bedroom, four bathroom House is located one block east of the ocean in Venice Beach.

After the filming of the series was complete, the interior of the House was repainted back to it's original pink color. The only room not repainted was the Confessional Room, which was painted blue with white clouds. When the House was sold in 1996, it was painted light blue/gray with white trim and the interior pink carpeting was changed to gray.

"This area is being used by Bunim-Murray Productions for taping of a television program. By your entrance into this area and your presence, you give unqualified consent to Bunim-Murray to record, use and publicize your voice, actions, likeness and appearance in any manner in connection with the program. If you do not wish to be taped as part of the program, please exit the area until all taping has been completed." (Sign outside Venice Beach House during the filming of the series)

The Master Bedroom that was renovated into the Orange Bedroom is available for rent.

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Venice Beach House Visit, October 2002
30th Avenue, Front Gate, Front Wall, Garage, Pathway, Patio

Post-Filming Pictures
3rd Floor Bathroom, Balcony, Billiard Room, Confessional Room, Front, Kitchen, Living Room, Orange Bedroom, Patio, Rooftop Deck

Rooftop Deck

1st Floor
Control Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room

2nd Floor
Billiard Room, Confessional Room, Phone Room

3rd Floor
Bathroom, Blue Bedroom, Orange Bedroom, Purple Bedroom

Taping Dates

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