Randolph Street Loft

Randolph Street Loft

Home of Real World: Skeletons

1100 W. Randolph Street

Chicago, IL 60607

The 13,130 square foot, two-story building was built in 1919 and was located in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. The West Loop is a former meat-packing district where many of the buildings have been converted to loft condominiums, restaurants, night clubs and art galleries. The area has become one of the top dining destinations in the city. A stretch of Randolph Street known as "Restaurant Row" is where you'll find the neighborhood's most popular restaurants.

The building had two built out restaurant/nightclub spaces that were last leased to RED Kiva and Bon V Nightclub. At the time the producers discovered the location, the 7,500 square foot former Bon V Nightclub space was available for lease. On 11/1/2014, a garage sale was held inside the Loft to sell all of the fixtures and items used in the filming of the series.

In October 2013, the building sold for $2.7 million to a group lead by New York real estate broker David Firestein. The property was reportedly purchased from Fabbri Sausage Mfg. Co., which makes meat products next door. The Randolph Street Loft is located 2.7 miles from the Wicker Park Loft used in the filming of the eleventh season.

The building reportedly last sold in November 2018 for $8.6 million to L3 Capital. In June 2019, the building was painted traffic cone orange and housed a Louis Vuitton Pop-Up. After Louis Vuitton vacated, the orange painted building was demolished to make way for new construction.

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Post-Filming Pictures
Billiard Room, Dining Room, Front, Front Doors, Kitchen, N. Aberdeen Street Side, Patio

Pre-Renovation Pictures

Bon V
1st Floor, 2nd Floor, Exterior

Front Doors, Patio, Sidewalk

Lower Level
Control Room

1st Floor
Billiard Room, Dining Room, Entryway, Kitchen, Living Room, Phone Room

2nd Floor
Bathroom, Yellow Bedroom, Confessional Room, Green Bedroom, Hallway, Office, Orange Bedroom, Stairs, Upper Patio

Floor Plans
1st Floor, 2nd Floor, Pre-Renovation 1st Floor, Pre-Renovation 2nd Floor

Taping Dates
August 8 - Week of October 20, 2014

Photo Credit: www.firesteinproperties.com

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