Rivo Alto Island House

Rivo Alto Island House

Home of The Real World Miami

445 East Rivo Alto Drive

Miami, Florida 33139

Rivo Alto Island House Information:

The 4,976 square foot, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom House was built in 1956 and is located on Rivo Alto Island. The House sits on a 12,900 square foot lot and includes 125 feet of water frontage on Biscayne Bay.

Anabel Delgado and Mark Harrington of Architectural Design Consultants, Inc. served as the interior designers and selected the colors of the House for the filming of the series. One of the crew boats was reportedly stolen from the dock along with a couple of bicycles during the 5 months of filming. A public passageway leading to Biscayne Bay is located along the west side of the House.

In 2001, the House was listed on the market with Nelson Gonzalez Realty for $2,795,000. In September 2002, the House was sold to Matthew and Amber Trifiro from Michele Grenedene for $2.2 million. It was Grenedene who leased the House to Bunim-Murray Productions for 6 months in 1996. In 2002/2003, the Trifiros invested $1 million into a remodeling of the House and redesign the layout. The original three bedrooms on the second floor were combined into a master bedroom suite covering the entire floor and a guest bedroom was created on the first floor. In July 2005, former Ford CEO Jacques Nasser purchased the House for $5 million.

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Rivo Alto Island House Visit, June 2011
Biscayne Bay, Driveway, E Rivo Alto Dr, Exterior Front Doors, Garage, West Side

Post-Filming Pictures
Atrium, Backyard, Driveway, Entryway, Exterior Front Doors, Kitchen, Living Room, Side Yard

Atrium, Backyard, Driveway, Exterior Front Doors, Garage

1st Floor
Bar, Confessional Room, Control Room, Dining Room, Entryway, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Orange Bedroom/Bathroom

2nd Floor
Light Blue Bedroom/Bathroom, Phone Room, Purple Bedroom/Bathroom

Taping Dates
5 months in 1996

Photo Credit: MTV/Bunim-Murray Productions

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