Boston Firehouse

Boston Firehouse

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127 Mt. Vernon Street

Boston, Massachusetts 02108

Boston Firehouse Information:

The 2,500 square foot Firehouse was built in 1949 on the site of two previous Firehouses built in 1847 and 1866. Located in Beacon Hill, a 19th-century downtown Boston residential neighborhood, the Firehouse is directly north of Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden.

Hand Engine 4 moved into the original Firehouse in August 1847. Hose Company 7 (River Street) occupied the property from August 1860 until they were disbanded in June 1862 and Engine Company 10 was organized. Engine Company 10 stayed until February 1946 when construction began on the current Firehouse. Engine Company 10 moved into the new Firehouse in April 1949 and remained until 1982. In 1982, the Firehouse became the quarters of the Fire Safety Division On-Duty Chief until 1995 when the Fire Department gave up possession of the Firehouse. (Summarized from Boston Fire Historical Society)

During the filming of the series, there were two double bedrooms and one triple bedroom on the 2nd floor. The Control Room was located in the basement and the production crew entered/exited the Firehouse through a rear door on River Street. The Firehouse was previously seen on television as the house of Spenser and Susan on Spenser For Hire. They spent the first season living in the Firehouse as a reward for saving a firefighter's life in the pilot episode. Portions of the 2001 Martin Lawrence comedy, "What's the Worst That Could Happen" were also filmed in the Firehouse

In 2005, the Firehouse was sold by the City of Boston for $1.00 to the Hill House, a non-profit organization.

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Boston Firehouse Visit, May 2010
1st Floor, Front, Front Door, Garage Door, Mt. Vernon Street Sidewalk, River Street Side, Southeast Corner, Stairs, Street Sign

Post-Filming Pictures
Front, Front Door, Stairs, Southeast Corner, 1st Floor

Southeast Corner

Control Room

1st Floor
Billiard Room, Confessional Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Phone Room

2nd Floor
Bathroom, Light Blue/Pink/Green Bedroom, Lounge, Office, Orange/Green Bedroom, Red/Light Blue Bedroom

Taping Dates

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