Homecoming: SoHo Loft

Homecoming: SoHo Loft

Home of The Real World Homecoming: New York

Production secured the use of the same Loft used in the filming of the first season in 1992 as it was under contract for $5.5 million. The current owner is Edwina Sandys, a granddaughter of Winston Churchill.

"Done up anew for Homecoming, the loft has familiar Real World touches: black couches with red pillows in the living room, the requisite pool table, and a fish tank (the blue neon trim, alas, was left in 1992). Compared with the original decorating, it looks far more like the multimillion-dollar home it has become, and everything is just all-around nicer with what seems like a fittingly middle-aged furniture budget, rather than the postcollegiate Ikea feel of the original show.

At one point, we wanted it to not be at all like the original because it was about bringing a new audience in. And then we thought about trying to do a full replica," said James McGowan, the production designer. But after he and his colleagues exchanged screenshots of the original set, which was much more of a knocked-together, assistants-with-paintbrushes affair, McGowan said they settled on something in between: picking up references from the original show and re-creating some details exactly (the same species of fish), all while making the space feel generally more contemporary and grown-up." (www.curbed.com)

Lower Floor
Billiard Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Purple Bathroom, Purple Bedroom, Red Bathroom, Red Bedroom

Green Bedroom, Gym, Laundry Room

Taping Dates
December 2020

Photo Credit: www.curbed.com

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