Wicker Park Loft Bathroom Renovations

The renovations to the Bathroom in the Wicker Park Loft for the filming of the series. One of the techniques used in renovating buildings for the filming of the series is to build the Bathrooms and Kitchens on platforms. The platforms allow the new plumbing to be installed between the new floor and the building's original floor minimizing demolition and construction. During the filming of the series, the 2nd floor elevator was blocked off by a fish tank and bench.

The empty 2nd floor from the southwest corner of the building looking north towards the area where the Bathroom was constructed.

Another view of the platform on which the Bathroom was constructed.

The installation of the wall which created the Hallway between the Bathroom and the Bedrooms.

Photo Credits: www.mtv.com

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Updated - May 31, 2021