Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant Southwest Corner

The Southwest Corner of the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant from the intersection of East 3rd Street and San Jacinto Boulevard. In this picture, you can see the entrance to Thomas Reprographics under the Front Porch and the Thomas Reprographics sign on the east side of the building. A window on the Southwest Corner of the building was removed to create the Front Door of the Restaurant (under the Rio Grande sign) and a new set of Stairs was added leading up to the Front Door from the sidewalk. Another new addition to the building is the "Austin" sign, which was installed on the roofline of the building for the filming of the series, but removed after the building was returned to its original condition. The Loading Dock along San Jacinto Boulevard now serves as a Patio.

Photo Credit: - jkoerner22

In this picture of the Southwest Corner of the building, you can see the Patio on the Loading Dock.

Another view of the Southwest Corner of the building from across East 3rd Street.

Photo Credits: Chris Clark

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Updated - August 28, 2006